Three times a year, Vertical Fusion produces student/instructor showcases. These showcases are open to students and instructors from both our Boulder and Fort Collins locations. Pole and aerial dancers of all abilities are invited to perform. Performers may opt to create their own masterpiece or they may book private lessons with a VF instructor to get help with any or all parts of their routine. If you're interested in performing, take a look at the overview of requirements below. If you'd like to sign up to perform, carefully review all requirements and the follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to sign up.

Performers must agree to the following requirements:


  • Must become a member of the Vertical Fusion Facebook performer page (linked below)

  • Must check in DAILY for announcements, etc.

  • Must be available the entire day and evening of the show, October 9, 2021--no exceptions!

  • Must be able to attend dress rehearsal the afternoon/evening of Sunday, October 3, 2021 (at your primary studio location)

  • Must be willing to commute up to 70 miles for the showcase

  • Must be willing to attend the mandatory virtual orientation if performer has performed with VF less than twice (multiple dates/times will be offered)

  • Must be flexible about changes/cancellations due to COVID and/or other extenuating circumstances that might impact the show

  • Must be willing to make a full commitment to training, rehearsing, and performing

  • Must be willing to attend 16 classes at Vertical Fusion (Boulder or Fort Collins) within the two-month period before dress rehearsal--this is mandatory! (Private lessons may be done in lieu of classes; open studio and free classes do not count!)

  • Must be willing to comply with all deadlines and requirements; noncompliance fees apply

  • Must be willing to pay performer fee of $80 for solo/duet; $40 for group number (due upon confirmation of your spot in the show)

  • Must agree to and submit the VF performer agreement which includes statements about all of the above requirements, media releases, and non-compete

    If you agree to all of the above, follow the required steps below:


  1. Complete and submit the performer agreement (link below) no later than 10:00 p.m., Sunday, August 1, 2021.

  2. Check your email for performer confirmation and/or waitlist notification by August 3. (Due to the high number of performer sign ups we typically receive, agreements are going to be handled as first come, first serve. We will confirm 20 performances and any additional performers will be added to a waitlist in the event that performers drop out.)

  3. Performers confirmed or waitlisted will be provided a link via email to the Performer Facebook Group. Be sure to request to join within 3 business days of receiving the email.

  4. Confirmed performers will be provided a link via email to pay their performer fee.