1...... Kayla (pole solo)  ~  "Widowmaker" by Night Argent

2...... Victoria (pole solo)  ~  "It's All So Incredibly Loud" by Glass Animals

3...... Molly (pole solo)  ~  "Wings" by Little Mix

4...... Eveline (pole solo)  ~  "Put It On Me" by Matt Maeson
5...... Voyance (pole solo)  ~  "Slow Down My Thoughts" by Zachery Knowles

6...... Baast (pole solo)  ~  "The Cult of Dionysus" by The Orion Experience

7...... Kateryna (aerial hoop solo)  ~ "Clown" by Emeli Sande

8...... FoCo Fetish Dolls: Kayla, Jillian, Molly, Lindz, Andrea, C. May (pole & aerial cube group)  ~  "I See Red" by Everybody Loves an Outlaw

9...... Babydoll (acro-chair solo)  ~  "Desperado" by Rihanna

10.... Ariel (pole solo)  ~  "Alone With You" by Ashlee

11.... Booty Bouncing Babes: JoJo, Kristina, Nyks, Rachel, Bryn (pole group; choreo by Kelsey)  ~  "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" by Huey 

12.... Amanda (pole solo)  ~  "Talking Body" by Tove Lo

13.... Maeve (pole solo)  ~  "Dangerous Woman" by Rosenfeld and "Goddess" by Xana

14.... Tribute to Cindy (pole group)  ~  "Under Pressure" David Bowie acoustic cover by Guitar Tribute Players, "Angel by the Wings" by Sia, "I Was Here" by Beyonce



15.... Cheryl (pole solo)  ~  "Partition" by Beyonce

16.... Rachel (aerial hoop solo)  ~  "It's Been Awhile" by VCTRYS

17.... Kristina (pole solo)  ~  "Juice" by Iyla

18.... Sunshine & Top Quark (pole duet)  ~  "Low" by Todrick Hall feat. RuPaul
19.... Callie (aerial hoop solo)  ~  "Cassidy" by The Grateful Dead 

20.... Jessica (pole solo)  ~  "Find Me" by Szjerdene

21.... Megan (pole solo)  ~  "Barbie Girl" by Aqua and "Not Your Barbie Girl" by Ava Max

22.... Jocelyn (pole solo)  ~  "Lily" by Alan Walker

23.... Soul Sisters: Evelline and Kayla (pole duet)  ~  "Lock Me Up" by The Cab

24.... FoCo Fetish Dolls: Ruth, Ashley, Andrea, Druzy Oud, Jillian, Angela (chair group)  ~  "Rocket" by Beyonce

25.... Sarah (pole solo)  ~  "Bitter" by Ashlie Burgun

26.... Melanie (pole solo/curtain call)  ~  "Hey Queen" by Beautiful Chorus

Emcee Extraordinaire: Ginger

Stage Kittens/Tom Cats: Laina, Deija, Morganne, Orian, Amanda
Stage Crew: Joe, Matt, Eddie, Brian, Cody, Wynn, Patrick
Photographer: Desiree Galvez Photography
Video: Desirae Callaway


This show is dedicated to our beloved dance sister, Cindy...We know you've been around, softening our hearts, smiling at what we're creating. "I miss you" doesn't even come close to expressing the rip in the fabric of time and this life. When you left, that's what we felt--a rip in reality. Torn, like our hearts. We hold each other and cry, in lieu of holding you. We hope there is a way we get to hold you again. Until then, we hope to uplift your light and your spirit. We hope others will see how special you are and how much you mean to us, forever in our hearts. Every dance from here on out will always be for you. You shaped our lives, you inspired us, you are part of the fabric of who we are. Without you, we hold on to the pieces that are left; the memories, the inspiration of life that you will always be to us. We hope you feel honored and loved. 

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