1...... Hades on Heels  (pole group: Sarah A, Rebecca, Shaylyn, MC, & Melanie; choreography by Melanie)  ~  Mashup of "Mad Woman" by Sevdaliza & "Savage (Remix)" by Bahari

2...... Jessica  (pole solo)  ~  "Vicious" by Halestorm

3...... FoCo Fetish Dolls (pole group: Andrea, C. May, Anne, Katie C, & Molly; choreography by Christine)  ~  "The Addams Family Remix" by DB7

4...... Kayla (pole & aerial hammock solo)  ~  "Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling
5...... Vanilla Puddin' (pole solo)  ~  "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed

6...... Mary (pole solo)  ~  "Purple Hat" by Sofi Tukker

7...... MahliaDahlia (pole solo)  ~ "Spaceape" by Burial

8...... Alaska (aerial hammock solo)  ~  "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Malia J

9...... Sarah A & Megan (pole duet )  ~  "No Body, No Crime" by Taylor Swift & Haim

10.... Molly (pole solo)  ~  "Kill of the Night" by Gin Wigmore



11.... Pennywise Pinups (pole group: Jojo, Allison, MC, Kristina, Sam; choreo by Kelsey))  ~  "Over the Coals"

12.... Callie (aerial hoop solo)  ~  "Stinkfist" by Tool

13.... Suga Lumps (Sara) (pole solo)  ~  "WAP" by Cardi B

14.... Inanna Rae (pole duet)  ~  "Call Me by Your Name" by Lil Nas X
15.... Katie C & Gypsy (aerial hoop duet)  ~  "Give Us a Little Love" by Fallulah

16.... Katie S (aerial Hammock solo)  ~  "Muddy Waters" by LP

17.... Erin & Andrea (aerial hoop duet)  ~  "Doom" by Dilly Dally

18.... Laina Reivi (pole solo)  ~  "Pyromania" by Tommee Profitt (ft. Royal & the Serpent)

Emcee Extraordinaire: Ginger
Stage Kittens: Cathy, Annette, Morganne, Liz, Caroline, & Tausha
Stage Crew: Joe, Matt, Thadeus, Foster, Wynn, & Gary
Photographer: Melanie Piek Photography
Video: Desirae Callaway



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